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  • Drive profitable incremental sales for the Retailer Card program

  • Increase cardmember engagement & reduce attrition

  • Reduce the cost of sales - shift purchases to store card from another payment tender

  • Developed a 360º view of the cardholder base by combining issuer & retailer data

  • Built a full composite of customers beyond traditional risk/profitability segmentation

  • Developed both a Retail Centric & Payment Centric segmentation

  • Retailer customers spend $3B+ on another tender, the majority of which on other 3rd party credit cards, and 55% of which is only 3 depts.

  • Portfolio had significant credit share in tickets >$600

  • POS: Changes in associate prompts

  • Online: Pre-populated credit product information in the account

  • Field Sales: Identified RTW* stores

  • Marketing Strategy – customized marketing offers & messaging by segment

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